Tequila Shots, Hummingbirds, and Mango Tangos

When it rains at an all-inclusive Cancun resort, the recreational activity occurs at the bars.  While pretending the hot tub was hot during a stormy drizzle, we met two very funny couples traveling together from the Adirondacks.  It was easy to toast to our overcast good fortune when the home states were in a polar vortex!  Mango Tangos all around.  Can’t remember who suggested Hummingbirds but T had three of them in her hand at one point…the bartender just wanted to pour out the pitcher!  A pretty pink combo of pina colada, Baileys, strawberry syrup, vodka, and Kahlua…not my cup of tea though.  The morning Bloodys were awesome, the margaritas predictably refreshing, and to my amazement, the mojitos were awful.  But possibly the most fun was my first ever tequila shot with a salted lime chaser.  The two Adirondack women friends provided the idea as they were “shooting” at the lobby bar while regularly announcing “It’s my birthday”!  The party mood and a tequila shot seemed the perfect way to celebrate with someone who’s turning 21 in 2014!

(u)  x(o)x


About julijoyeux

I am looking to find myself in France. When I do, I'll share my pictures and stories with you!
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