Crystal Cove California

On a warm sunny day in April I met Crystal Cove. Her mood was eclectic retro and her colors were sapphire and turquoise with pockets of purple. To get there, C and I walked a path under the freeway via a neatly graffitied aqueduct and back almost 100 years to the 20’s and 30’s. The sand invited our toes out to play and the tide pools beckoned. Quaint cottages suggested a future overnight stay and the Beachcomber fed us delicious fish tacos. The surf mesmerized with movement and sound … I love the point of a wave right before it begins to break, when the top is opalescent and full of potential. I wondered if that exact moment of a wave has a name. I have since discovered the Hawaiians call it kua nalu and that poetry blends with the serenity and ambiance which is Crystal Cove on a warm sunny day in April.

(u)   x(o)x


About julijoyeux

I am looking to find myself in France. When I do, I'll share my pictures and stories with you!
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