King’s College Chapel

I can’t fathom anyone visiting Cambridge and not visiting King’s College Chapel. First, it’s enormous. At 289 feet long and soaring 80 feet high, you can’t miss it.  The Chapel is also artistic. There are 26 sets of stained glass windows, a fan-vaulted ceiling, the painting “Adoration of the Magi” by Rubens, an organ gifted by Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in the 1530’s, lovely dark oak choir stalls and woodwork, and stone carvings for the Houses of Tudor and York. The sounds from inside the Chapel are world renowned. Chapel choirs conduct Evensong every night of the school terms and the Christmas and Eastertime services are broadcast on BBC to high acclaim. I visited the Chapel during the day and absorbed its immensity. I visited the Chapel later for the Evensong service and experienced its intimacy. Both were moving, both were beautiful, and in early December, both filled me with the spirit of Christmas.

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