Gaudi was Here

Gaudi made a mark on Palma. His buildings are iconic and you can’t help but wonder what hallucinogen he was taking. Art nouveau design is also prevalent among the colored stucco and tile roofs. There are some fountains and statues scattered around and cobblestone streets galore. Medieval and Muslim walls guard the old town and the Arab bathhouse and a Roman arch still exist. Many streets are really only passages from one placa to another…cars have to be small and their mirrors have to be pulled in…90° turns are accomplished in several back and forth maneuvers. Shopping streets are numerous and the famous Mallorca pearl industry inhabits every third storefront. Because of Easter holidays, the historical museums were closed but no matter…I think I’ll return someday. Just not with the thousands of tourists who disembark from the cruise ships!

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About julijoyeux

I am looking to find myself in France. When I do, I'll share my pictures and stories with you!
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6 Responses to Gaudi was Here

  1. Mom says:

    Looks like an interesting place to visit. Maybe we should consider that rather than Morocco?


  2. Marjorie Koval says:

    You certainly can capture the essence of a place with your pictures!


  3. C says:

    Great photos. I like the building that looks like organ pipes and the old tree that reminds me of a netsuke carving…oh, and the windmill. I identify with DQ in tilting at them. The cruise ships are gross! It’s a wonder they don’t tip over in the wind. I can see why this is a destination!


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