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This is Soooo My City

There’s a new festival today-F√™te de la Mojito! I just love it when the french decide to use ice. ūüôā (u) ¬† x(o)x Advertisements

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Le Canicule

Otherwise felt as the heat wave. Practically all of France has been suffering le canicule since last Sunday and while relief may come as early as tomorrow, this particular wave is the worst since 1945. Specifically, and based on geographical … Continue reading

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Afternoon at the Louvre

It sounds like the title of an Impressionist painting, doesn’t it? During my recent day trip to Paris, I decided to visit the Louvre and particularly a temporary exhibit of Vermeer. I had to orchestrate things carefully to catch my … Continue reading

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Mini V to the Pyr√©n√©es

Four women driving off to the mountains. Looking to explore and adventure. Of various ages and abilities to hike, get a sunburn, tolerate a hammam, and operate a stick shift. All desiring to return someday. (u) ¬† x(o)x  

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Happy Father’s Day

Daddy ride on your shoulders, Dad borrow your car, Grandpa sit on your lap, Gramps hear your story, Uncles learn to play poker go over for a bbq, Brothers being good men, Husband once father forever, and Son, someday may … Continue reading

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My Wimbledon

From May 14…I had no plans or expectations for Mother’s Day. So it was easy to accept R and T’s invitation to join them at a historic tennis club in Caud√©ran named Villa Primrose. I’ve been there before on a … Continue reading

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A Mary Poppins Day

From April 30…Yesterday was a Mary Poppins day. Storms blew through and if your umbrella didn’t take you to the family across the river, it transformed into an ineffective upward parabola with its hoop skirt showing. I needed to feed … Continue reading

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Emmanuel Macron

I am immensely proud of France and french support for our new President, Emmanuel Macron. He continues to demonstrate qualities of a world leader, capable economist, progressive thinker, savvy compromiser, and inclusive politician. In about one month, he filled his … Continue reading

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