When Volunteering Goes Crazy

This is my umpteenth day working on the BWC online directory project. I’ve managed to fit in a morning walk or bike ride, a couple loads of laundry, and a bit of cooking, but the 9 to 9 days have been full of computer work and headaches. The developers and I, the provider of information and tester, are getting close and the artificial deadline is “sometime this week”. When all is done, a renewing member can pay dues using Paypal, be automatically directed to create a secure login id for the Members’ Area of our website, be automatically signed up to receive our monthly newsletter and bulletin board from Mailchimp (which I also edit), and be guided to create their member listing within our online directory. We’re hoping for a 100% participation rate by the end of December, however, I know I will need to help struggling individuals as the new Directory Administrator. Despite the time and frustration spent now, this is a vast improvement over my previous annual responsibility of updating the paper directory. Plus, the online version will be real time with new members included and information changes up-to-date. I have been pushing for this outcome for over two years and can almost feel the sense of satisfaction of crossing this project off my list. Then, I’m going to take a BWC break!

(u)   x(o)x


About julijoyeux

I am looking to find myself in France. When I do, I'll share my pictures and stories with you!
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6 Responses to When Volunteering Goes Crazy

  1. Marjorie Koval says:

    This all sounds so impressive! Way to go! I am so very proud of you!


  2. Mom says:

    Way to go Juli. I can only imagine how you feel. Hopefully it is one of satisfaction for a job well done. And of course celebrating with a glass or two of wine 🍷. Congratulations.


  3. C says:

    Wow! Wish I’d read this before sending my email😊. Very impressive and a massive undertaking. Knowing how long a “couple of loads of laundry” take, I can just imagine your 9 to 9 days. Does this make you the alpha chimp for Mail chimp?


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