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Operation Husky

Malta’s WWII experiences were extreme. Located perilously close to Axis powers and Rommel’s African campaigns, the British colony of Malta was a strategic prize and suffered over 3,000 air attacks totaling over 2,000 hours…the vast majority during 1942. The island … Continue reading

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My Maltese Crosses

Spoiler alert: Getting my complaints off my chest Malta is an independent EU country consisting of six main islands in the Mediterranean sea, 50 miles south of Sicily. Two of the islands are inhabited and commercially connected via a 20 … Continue reading

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Becoming Normal

Antibiotics to the rescue is today’s motto as I still feel so horrid that the only thing I’m capable of is watching The Crown in between naps. Not sure if or how much my Maltese experience had to do with getting … Continue reading

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Wet Noodle Syndrome

I started today’s outings with a pedicure. Since I still had remnants of January’s tropical blue on my toenails, it seemed time to freshen things up before sandal season strikes in full force. I like nothing better than a foot … Continue reading

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Take a Chance on Them

Listening to Pandora’s ABBA station and first up is Take A Chance on Me. ABBA is reviving and reinventing themselves as pseudo avatars on tour, singing their original hits and even recording a couple new songs after 35 years on … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

And now, the interactive portion of my blog…which German Christmas market should I go to first? If you internet search , you’ll find notables in Dresden, Nuremburg, Munich, Berlin, and others along with photos. Have you been to any of … Continue reading

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May Madness

There’s a reason french people love May. And it’s an even bigger reason this year. Unlike the US, french holidays, many of them religious, fall on a particular date rather than day. When a holiday lands on a Monday, Tuesday, … Continue reading

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