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I am looking to find myself in France. When I do, I'll share my pictures and stories with you!

And It Just Got Better

I am so thrilled that I had to stop after my eye exam for a chocolat chaud and croissant. I started wearing brown cat-eye glasses in elementary school. Even at my first eye exam, the necessary myopic correction was large … Continue reading

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It’s All Good

My Sunday morning bike ride was my first (successful) attempt at the two bridges circle…Pont Chaban Delmas and Pont de Pierre…about 10 km. A spectacular ride over and along the Garonne River. What a way to begin! Received my French … Continue reading

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Congratulations Grandmeowter

D has adopted a cat! Pip is a 10 year old male orange tabby with yellow eyes…(if you’re a Christmas Story fan your mind immediately went to Scut Farkus, didn’t it?!). He’s learning house rules (Pip, not Dan or Scut) … Continue reading

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Canasta et al

First of all, I thought et al might be French but it’s Latin disguised as French. Second of all, I’m learning and playing the German version of canasta…easy to begin and interesting to develop strategies as I improve. Third of … Continue reading

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Today I luxuriated in my 2nd ever reflexology treatment (several years after my introductory session at a salon in Sedona). While there are numerous methodologies, today’s chosen protocol was all about detox, drainage, and elimination. Once again, I felt wonderfully … Continue reading

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Attack of the OA

It’s like a horror movie…when and where will the next attack of osteoarthritis be? This morning I finally had x-rays of possible bunions. The radiologist said I had many things wrong with my big toes and joints (including OA) and … Continue reading

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Better Safe Than Sorry

Really it should be better dorky than french! Except for kids, casual french bikers do NOT wear helmets. Considering them to be overprotective fashion faux pas and not wanting to carry around a bulky helmet into every store they enter … Continue reading

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At Random

When I walk to the market Sunday morning, I can’t help feeling like Belle in Beauty in the Beast and I start singing in my head… Little town, it’s a quiet village, every day like the one before. Little town … Continue reading

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One of My Favorites

I have started listening to a French radio station rather than my iPod collection or Pandora mixes. But I’ve been away from the current music scene for so long that I don’t know artists or songs or sometimes whether they’re … Continue reading

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Cold Soup

I’m in the midst of a cold soup fetish. Easy if you have a blender, tasty if you add some crazy ingredients, filling because most recipes call for a soggy baguette, and cooling because they chill overnight-what’s not to love? … Continue reading

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