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Senior Citizen

Logically, AARP is not in France. And the age for normal retirement keeps drifting depending on which political party is in power. So, the definition of a senior citizen appears to be when you are eligible for discount cards at … Continue reading

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Gaudi was Here

Gaudi made a mark on Palma. His buildings are iconic and you can’t help but wonder what hallucinogen he was taking. Art nouveau design is also prevalent among the colored stucco and tile roofs. There are some fountains and statues … Continue reading

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All the old palacios in Palma centered around a courtyard. Historically, they served as main gateways for horses and carriages. Today, they are considered high rent properties because of the peace and quiet that exists behind the arched and old … Continue reading

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Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

When in Palma, stay at the Palacio! A 13th century building with 16th century stained glass and tile, medieval paneling and floors, a subterranean pool in what used to be a Roman bath, a delightful rooftop terrace with a view … Continue reading

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Religious and Spiritual

I am a spiritual person, tending to embrace more eastern philosophies and believe in universal flows. While I do not follow or support any organized religion, I certainly enjoy and appreciate the art, music, architecture, and ceremonies of many…which is … Continue reading

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Castell de Bellver

Bellver Castle sits atop a forested hill overlooking Palma. Built in the early 1300’s, it is one of the only European castles to be built “in the round” and includes four towers at each of the compass points. Originally a … Continue reading

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Joan Miro

For me, arriving in an unknown place is intimidating. I do a LOT of homework in advance and usually know how to get myself to the first hotel and whether I need a citycard or transport pass. Typically, I usually … Continue reading

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Thought you might enjoy a comparison between the top 20’s for girl’s and boy’s names chosen for babies this year in France and the US. Saw the french list in today’s headlines. The US list is from the internet. For … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

If you don’t mind, I’ll share bits and pieces of my Palma vacay over the next several days. Quick posts with a photo montage here and there, ok? Arrival: The airport is on the small, mountainous island of Mallorca off … Continue reading

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Russian Visitor Visa

An American citizen wanting a Russian visa while living in France poses some obstacles. Basically, the recommended visa service centers don’t seem to know the best jurisdiction to handle my request and that’s primarily because I want to accomplish everything … Continue reading

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